newest entry 2001-12-11 2:21 p.m.

This war has certainly brought up some compelling stories. I read this one, completely mesmerized.

Aside from being a ripping good yarn (how about that prison uprising?!), there are so many themes going on here. Is this a cautionary tale about permissive parenting versus raising kids with good solid religious values?...Is it about the self-fulfilling nature of dreams? (Spann used to wander around Arlington National Cemetary, fantasizing about being buried there)....What transforms a peace-loving hippie kid to warrior? Can we learn from this, or merely watch it all unfold?

Forgot to mention the other day that Rockefeller Center's usual garden of international flags has been replaced by multiple U.S. flags. I was surprised by this--that sends an odd message, especially during the Christmas season.

I have a job interview on Monday--yay! It's an Admin Asst. job, which I vowed never to have again....but I want to at least go through the interview and see if this job promises some kind of career growth. There's an editorial aspect to the job, and it's for a cause I believe in (literacy). I will bolt at the first sign of the boss being an overbearing, self-absorbed, controlling lunatic who is verbally abusive. That's been my experience at just about every assistant job I've ever had. I never know how much I contribute to that dynamic, and how much is just endemic to the position.

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