newest entry 2001-10-05 12:30 p.m.

If you consider these past two weeks as a separation from teaching yoga, then today was the first tentative coffee date to determine if the separation is working.

It felt good to be back, but...I contend that I need more training in order to be a better teacher and in order not to burn out on the classes I've been offering. Is this "aversion" at work? Am I just resisting the flow? Or is this an important signal from my psyche about what I want and need to do?

I was so looking forward to that job I didn't get. Oh well.

I'm listening to the new Suzanne Vega album. I'm sorry her marriage to Mitchell Froom broke up, but I'm afraid she's back to that bland and hokey VH-1 production style that marred her pre-Froom work. Her songs are as strong as always, though. I think she needs to hook up with a producer who will respect her style, but do her justice in the studio. How about Jon Brion?

I need to finish my book this month, and I need to prepare for my meditation workshop that starts tomorrow. But these sultry Indian Summer days, all the languid sadness and this incessant job search keep pulling me away....

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