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Happy Valentines Day!

Items in the news today which sound, respectively, like a Snopes rumor and an Onion article:

Item #1: Beware Teddy Bears!

Item #2: Don't say "New Jersey" unless you really mean it.

The Women's Venture Fund volunteer orientation was quite uplifting. I was afraid it would be me and a bunch of college students, but in fact the other people who showed up were all professionals who wanted to volunteer as mentors and trainers for the women in the program.

The WVF awards character-based micro-loans, and provides training and counseling for women who want to start their own businesses. They sold me as soon as they said "character-based"--what a great humanitarian concept.

So I may do some stress-management training for them, or "how to write a press release" or some such. I even networked a bit with the other volunteers. Two poeple there expressed interest in both on-site yoga and my freelance writin'.

It's great that there is so much support in the world, if you look for it.

My fall-back customer service job disintegrated! They lost a major account and so they aren't hiring anyone. I figured they were doomed--their customer service procedures were awful!

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