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A patient who is suffering from cancer is, as it were, all the time silently chanting "I'm dying from cancer"; and that chant proceeds without any efforts. Similarly, in your case: Take up that chant "I am consciousness." That chant, too, should go on without any effort. One who is constantly awake in his true nature having this knowledge about himself is liberated.

--Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Today, briefly, my chant was "I am surrounded by tourists and dorky tuba-players and I am in heck," but soon I relaxed and enjoyed the Rockefeller Center ickiness.

Monkey and I spontaneously bought him a replacement wedding ring for the one that got, uh, lost. The woman who sold it to us--we went back to the same place--remembered us instantly, after almost 18 months, and despite our current layers of winter gear.

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