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They Used to tell Me I was Building a Dream

Once I built a tower up to the sun

Brick and rivet and lime.

Once I built a tower,

Now it's done...

Tuesday was a bad dream. But every day is a dream, good, bad, boring, useful, useless. I try to rememer that. I hear reports that they will rebuild the towers. I'm not sure why. Maybe we're not supposed to have structures so big that they can't easily be evacuated in an emergency.

Went to give blood (call 1-800-448-3543 if you want to, in your area) and once again we were asked to come back because they had too much blood and not enough bags to contain it.

I've just found out that someone I know from the local music scene--someone I hug everytime I see him, and who is close to another friend of mine--was temping on the 102nd floor of the WTC. He was supposed to start work at 8:30 AM, and no one has heard back from him.

If you want to report that someone is safe or if you want to find out if someone is still alive, go here.

Finally got to read a newspaper today--they were scarce in Brooklyn yesterday. Vivid imagery really made me feel even more deeply the pain and panic and suffering. I feel so useless.

Devoured the New York Times, and appreciated its intelligent coverage compared to the Post's jingoism and Chanel 2/CBS's weird descent into Oprahtainment.

The Chanel 2 people are embarrassing to watch. At one point, Kathleen Turner (a volunteer at St Vincent's) came on camera to annouce some supplies that the rescue team volunteers needed, and instead of repeating or clarifying the list of items, the on-site reporter shoved a mic in her face to ask her "how it felt" and "where does this passion to serve come from?" KT just kind of rolled her eyes and went back to work. Then the news anchors babbled on about how passionate and dedicated Kathleen Turner is to public service. It was a good few minutes before they remembered to say, "Oh yeah, and volunteers need blankets, boots, and clothing..." Additionally, they keep trying to out-sensitive each other:

Inane Female Anchor: "I had to go sit and cry before..."
Ernie Anastos: "I cried, too! I cried!"

Meanwhile, Ariana Huffington (like her or dislike her) wrote a stunning piece in today's Salon about the media's passive participation in the terrorist attacks.

Finally, many anti-Giuliani reporters and writers are coming forward to praise Rudy's toughness and compassion and terrific leadership skills, especially next to Bush's lack thereof. I agree whole-heartedly. Rudy, these past three days, has been the man.

Lyrics from "Brother Can you Spare a Dime" by E. Y. HARBURG/JAY GORNEY (c) 1932

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