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"Good morning, Mr. Jordan, I'm your junior air-raid warden."

Our Thanksgiving celebration was swell!

But, let's back up....(dissolve to clock hands sweeping backwards).

Wednesday evening I went to my Bikram class and it was just another woman and me. So the teacher (a very personable lady who I hadn't met before) asked us if we would like to do a silent class, with opportunities to ask any questions along the way. We both agreed, and the class was stellar. It felt like a real yoga class! I could focus on the unfolding of each asana, experience how the breath works with each movement. Without the distracting chatter, I could feel how difficult the work is, and how the tapas or heat of the practice was burning through physical and mental impurities.

(By contrast, the Thanksgiving Day class was absolutely packed--but that was chummy, too, and the tapas factor was upped greatly by the press of bodies.)

AMA and I were up pretty late cleanin' and a-fussin' on Wednesday night, and then we got up at 6:00 AM to go to our favorite store for silverware and extra plates. We arrived at 7:06 and it was a madhouse, but we got what we needed and hightailed it home.

The food all came out great: AMA made turkey with all the trimmings. I made the gravy, the chutney, mashed potatoes and the pre-dinner snackage. I also invented a punch to use up the rest of the JD I'd got for the Labor Day party.

Guests brought pies, casseroles, salad, vegetables, wine...all of it wonderful and plentiful.

We had a cheese course (cow cheeses to balnce the warm goat cheese in the salad), featuring a zingy Hunstman and a creamy Reblachon

And of course, we had the Box-o-Wine. Before dinner we passed around the Lord of the Rings light-up goblet filled with merlot, and whoever held the goblet had to share something that they were grateful for.

Every guest, down to the last, was a Talker, so there was never an awkward moment. We played Uno (making up rules as we went along, which is half the fun) and a psychological game of elimination called Mafia which consumed at least a couple of hours, til everyone was exhausted.

And exhausted I was when I had to get up at 7:00 to go teach. I taught a really basic class today, as there was a student who was 7 months pregnant, and also 4 kids. It was interesting teaching to kids, trying to gauge what concepts they understood and what they didn't. It encouraged me to use really simple language, which I think is good practice in simplifying thought. The kids were well-behaved if slightly fidgety during Yoga Nidra and they followed directions easily.

Tonight, we're celebrating our friend's birthday at the local watering hole. We're chipping in to buy him a Brooklyn tattoo.

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