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I took a class in TriBeCa last night (more on that later) and floated back towards home across the suspension, girding and stardust that is the Brooklyn Bridge.

Walking across the bridge at any time of the day is pretty cool but last night it was intoxicating. I was practically the only pedestrian, so I felt like it was just me and God out there. The glittering lights of the city and the majesty of the bridge itself were magically set off--commented on, almost--by the endless purple-black sky. It's that seamless blend of relative and absolute that gets me every time: being right smack in the middle of mammon, yet feeling bivouac'd under the watch of heaven.

The class I took was at Yoga Connection. I wanted to try a Bikram class in a different setting now that my monthly unlimited card has expired. It was different in good and bad ways. For one thing, the place is twice as big as the one in Brooklyn (and offers a variety of classes). This is good when it comes to the changing rooms, but bad for the yoga room itself--too much space, not nearly sweaty enough. The teacher was much gentler and sweeter than the Brooklyn kids, and interestingly, she was not your typical slim young looker. She was an older woman with a lot of extra poundage and cellulite. I think it's cool that she's so uninhibited about exposing her body. I also wonder if her physical condition refutes some bold claims about the practice being good for weight loss, cellulite and every other ailment known to man. All in all it was a pleasant class , but I miss feeling wrung out and detoxed and mighty like I do after an encounter with the more forceful Brooklyn Bikram folks.

I'm listening to Paula Kelley's latest album. It's very good. Percolatin' poppiness, pretty vocals, really lush production. I'm guessing she gets a lot of comparisons to Juliana Hatfield due to the high vocal range and a certain similarity of phrasing. But, frankly, the songwriting is a lot more consistent than JH's. I'd like to see her show at Luna Lounge tomorrow, but that's unlikely since tomorrow is the Leonard Cohen Christmas Spectacular at Freddy's.

Although I was scooped by Amy Reiter, let me introduce you to Buddy Ebson's music.

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