newest entry 2002-04-16 12:16 p.m.

Just checking: my vulnerability is appealing, right? Right?

Anyway, I looooove this weather, hooboy. Summer sensuality and transcendence...massive consumption of liquids, the air just loves your body all day...

Took a nice Hatha 2 class today with Manorama, and did a split, a.k.a. Hanumanasana, with ease. All that Bikram is paying off in terms of flexibility and confidence in postures.

My friend StephanieSez is leaving her business-to-business sales job for greener pastures (applause! congrats!), and I am applying for her position. It has never occurred to me to try a sales job, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. And I do have the gift of Blarney, do I not?

NP: Kristin Hersh's wondrous Sunny Border Blue. There is nothing more inspiring than experiencing someone release her best album way past the ten-year-mark of her career. It's a triumph of the muse, it is spirit over matter.

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