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You lost ten dollars

No accounting for it

It must have been stolen, you think

You look for enemies all around

Short-changed! Short-sheeted! Ripped off!

A clue emerges: the 3 Sacajawea dollars a-jinglin' in your baggy pants' pocket.
Change from the book of stamps


"O yeah!"

I know where it went
It wasn't stolen

It was spent.

I can never remember what the word "diffident" means. This is not my fault, but the fault of the English language which has coined a term that has no context clues. Do you know what it means? Can you guess?

The word "diffident means:

Stiff, unrelenting

Shy, demure

Dissimilar, unlike

I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite novels of the past few years, Michael Cunningham's The Hours is being made into a film. The casting sounds almost perfect (I would never have chosen Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf, but Meryl Streep was born to play Clarissa). I recall walking around in a daze while reading the book, and, at the end, feeling as if my heart had been physically squished with the author's hand. (Can I sue?). I can only imagine that if this flick comes out in Autumn--that notoriously sad/happy/fireplace-y season--it will produce the same effect. Incidentally, The Hours is based on VW's Mrs Dalloway; it may help to read the source before the hommage. If anyone cares, after loving both books, I wrote a song called "Ten Minutes", loosely inspired by the themes in both.
While looking for that linked excerpt above from Cunningham's book, I also ran across a funny mistake on the excerpt website. It's an interview with Melissa Bank, except there are only questions, no answers. Clearly this was some kind of typographical error, but the result is like something from The Onion. "Ask an Interviewer"...
Q. Prefacing your interview in Salon, Cynthia Joyce made reference to "a slew of other recently published single-women titles." Is this a new genre?

A. How is a writer's gender relevant to a work of modern fiction? We've had women's magazines for a long time, but now there are women's Web sites and women's cable channels, among other girl-centric media. What are your views about this trend? Is there such a thing as a women's movie or book?

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