newest entry 2002-04-23 3:57 p.m.

Lemme explain that bit from the last entry about being a spazz, if it's not clear. What I mean to say is that the style of yoga I teach approaches asana (the physical postures of yoga) as a means to relax the body for meditation. Asana is important, but it's not the main focus, and as such it's taught in a pretty casual, relaxed way. As a result, I attract students who basically just want to decompress, not achieve perfect handstands or whatever. And my own hatha practice is at about an intermediate level.

For the most part, this is just fine. At other times, it bugs me--I compare myself to other gazelle-like teachers with beautiful outer forms, and I feel clumsy and limited. Or just like a garden variety dorkwad.

But yoga is what re-introduced me to my body after years of neglect and contempt, and I don't want to let it become the thing that makes me feel ashamed of myself again.

In tea consumption news, I've been huffing this Siberian Ginseng stuff and dude it's messing with my mind. It feels almost like coffee...

I just finished this really stupid book called Aunt Dimity's Death and I am ready for somethin' new. Maybe it's time to crack Motherless Brooklyn finally. It has been recommended to me countless times.

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