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Will sister sleep not kiss us on the mouth? It's all we ever want from her

I got up at 5:00 this morning to start writing, and I've gotten some good work done today, although fatigue fairly throbs through my being...I'm in that dazed and credulous state of sleep deprivation where I would believe anything you told me right now. Jesus saves. Socialism failed. Nickels are worth more than dimes cuz they're bigger. (One of my siblings told me that when I was little. I just recently found out they were wrong.)

I'm listening to The Loud Family's Days for Days. Although my all-time favorite Scott songs are on other albums, I consider this album their most consistent. There is a real band chemistry at work in these tracks, rather than Scott-in-studio-with-overdubs. And it is a joyous sound. Gorgeous. I love the song-snippet abstractions between tracks.

I took a Bikram class today, and one of the other students was a teacher from the Energy Center in Cobble Hill. I was very conscious of her, because not only is she a yoga instructor but also a Pilates teacher--she owns a studio. I figured her practice would be very precise and well-alligned, and I was right. I learned a thing or two about allignment from watching her. Am I spelling "allignment" correctly?

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