newest entry 2001-12-06 2:14 p.m.

So I was up til 5:00 AM, Xmas shopping online, drinking beer, and listening to comfort music on the headphones. Oh, and eating cookies, if you must know the full extent of my negligence towards health.

Do you fantasize that you are singing to people when you listen to music? Well, I do, I always have. I want to sing to people, ease their pain, make them happy. No wonder singing is such a high-pressure situation, it comes so fully loaded with expectations...and yet such a perfect joy when it goes right

Anyway, I crashed at 5:00, although I could have stayed up longer. I wanted to feel like I wasn't missing anything. I wanted to see what happens when I'm not looking. You know what happens when you're not looking? They show awful repeats of Grace Under Fire.

Woke up at 8:30 to see Monkey Fella off to work, and then napped some more til about noon. I feel like a college student on winter break, replete with this comforting black cloud of romantic sadness around my shoulders--I know not whence it comes.

Sent an article query to Yoga Journal and came up with a concept for my new book. I'm also on the case trying to obtain some books for my bibliography.

Now I need to prepare for the rest of my day. Eating real food would probably be a good start.

In my early-morning stupor I made the mistake of reading this from start to finish. Can anyone explain to me what that is? Cuz it ain't journalism, it ain't a movie review, it's just pure hate. I'm not a Julia fan, either, but what's this guy's problem?

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