newest entry 2001-11-06 5:47 p.m.

"...i mean, c'mon, jimmy page's musical hero growing up was little richard, and thank god we don't hear richard sing on 'stairway to heaven'...."

--Some wit explaining why Jonathan Winters (Robin Williams' comedic hero) didn't add anything to Mork & Mindy, on Jump the Shark

45 more minutes of writing and then I'm heading out to take a class and meet up with AMA at our fave sandwich shop in the Heights.

I'm making progress on the book, but I'm a day behind my self-imposed writing schedule. I am enjoying this immensely. I write, I research, I sip tea so as not to snack (I'm committed to getting back in shape and the first thing that had to go were the daily Oreo orgies. My life really went to hell when I discovered the cocoa-filled ones.)

Now that I've got the rhythm of writing down, I am so ready for the next writing assignment. I would love to continue in this vein: teaching and writing and playing the occasinal gig and recording a new album every year or so.

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