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The Kaleidoscopic Reality of Life and How a Free Press Reflects It

I haven't read a copy of New York Press in weeks. I tend to dislike its columnists, their cynicism and weak writing. But today I read with great interest the various responses to the WTC attacks. One that really caught my eye was a letter to the editor from Jon Flanagan, criticizing Giuliani for his part in the tragedy. He opines, rather boldly, that the mayor failed the leadership test in three important ways. As much as my visceral response to Giuliani has been warm and positive since the attacks, Mr. Flanagan's letter makes some interesting points that are well worth considering. I admire this kind of sober analysis during an overtly emotional time. And it doesn't erase the fact that Giuliani has been courageous and compassionate these past 2 weeks.

And that's what freedom of speech is all about--capturing that diaphanous outer surface from all angles so we can see just how shifty this agreed-upon reality is.

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