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Elk City

Still enjoying the Parasol compilation. I associate Parasol bands with the twee end of the pop spectrum, but there are some good solid songs here, and a variety of approaches. Also, gleaned from the credits that Elk City (pictured above) is a reincarnation of New Jersey's own Melting Hopefuls. In another life when I was a Weehawken girl, my band the Jungle Creeps used to play and hang out with the MH's. That was a colorful if completely desperate time in my life. When I think back to then--1993, 1994--the images are bleary, blurry purples and greens and pretty sounds and distortion and love hunger and rampant creativity and no money and many tears and many beers and much fun.

Avenging Monkey-Angels-in-Law

My bro-in-law and sis-in-law are coming to town today. On their agenda is scoring tickets to The Seagull, which involves either queueing up at 11:00 PM the night before the performance and standing on line for 14 hours or paying someone to stand on line for you. I wouldn't stand on line for more than an hour to see Jesus Christ performing CABARET, so you can count me out of this one.

The longest line I ever stood on for (free) tickets was to see Cheap Trickat Roseland. It was worth it, and it was only for an hour or less, and Robin Zander looked right at me as he sang "The Flame," so....

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