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"Whatever we are willing to be with, we go beyond. Any sensory impression that is allowed to be in awareness without either the movement of repression or expression, dissolves back into the ever-present background of awareness and disappears."

--Richard C. Miller

Yesterday, after teaching and taking class, I was in a wonderful, open-hearted mood, intensified by the early arrival of the Redcoats and the mid-March-like weather. I bought a goofy "Brain Sync" tape called Running Meditation, which consists of noodly keyboard jazz-funk (like what's playing whenever one of the Brady Bunch kids turns on the radio), over which a sinister Laurie Anderson-type female vocie intones, "Hit the ground! Feel the energy of the earth beneath your feet!"

I was laughin' and runnin' for the first ten minutes or so, but I must say it helped me keep going for a nice 40-minute run in Owl's Head Park. Had I been in a crankier mood, I don't know if I would have had the patience for it.

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