newest entry 2002-02-02- 12:31 p.m.

Today I'm doing a little retro-work on my book, making a few changes, figuring out where the pictures go, and what kinds of images to use, etc.

Now, I'm a word person, not an artist, and there are a million ways this book could look, and I'd be happy with all of them. It strikes me as unusual that I'm being asked for my input on the graphics and visuals. But, here's my chance to really give the book the Aquaplane stamp.

In other news, I got to talk to my columnist hero on the phone the other day. He was fact-checking a question I'd sent him regarding an ethical dilemma. He was humble, witty, with a rich, resonant speaking voice. He informed me in a jolly tone that I was a "big fat liar" but followed that up with "But--what do I know?"

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