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what I am listening to this week

One of my favorite CDs to play before my class, while people are settling in and getting centered, is The Lama's Chant by Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel. It's moving, deep and sonorous, without tasting of "new age" music.

One of the CDs I got for Christmas was The Shins' Oh, Inverted World. I wasn't bowled over, but it's growing on me. Its most celebrated song, "New Slang" (rumors are that it's on a McDonald's commercial---I haven't witnessed this personally) is actually its most derivative, sounding like a track off of any one of Elliott Smith's records. It's a swell tune, but I would counsel the masses to not judge the rest of the album by that one song--the other tracks are more interestingly arranged and written.

other artists I'm enjoying lately:

Jorge Ben
Jenifer Jackson
Chris Stewart
Erica Smith
Love Camp 7

hindu deity I am most taken with today:

Nataraj, of course

words that always look misspelled to me:


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