newest entry 2001-08-27 11:05 p.m.

It may seem that I've been lax about writing, but actually I've written several entries and then deleted them. I had wanted to keep this journal interesting, entertaining, personal but universal, but if often just seems like a one-sided and self-absorbed conversation. Like being on a mailing list of one... Also, I can't seem to write well at the computer.

So for the few of you who have been checking in regularly, I think I will not write as often, and will keep entries shorter.

It's almost Fall and I long for a next big step....

Update on the Sam Phillips album: it is blissful and beautiful. I can't believe she was ready to retire, with an album like this still inside her waiting to be released.

Update on the last Kate Ross mystery: I've been savoring it, not wanting it to end. But end it will, soon, and then no more, because Kate Ross passed away in 1998.

Keep filling your body and mind with prana, kids.

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