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Bursting with love.

At this point, Osama bin Laden's threats against the US and its interests seems a little lame and ridiculous. After a month of mixed feelings, today all I could feel towards the guy was contempt. Go ahead, Sammy, just try it. In the highly unlikely event that you succeed, at least we'll all die laughin'.

I've felt sorrow, grief, fear, compassion, and now I'm just annoyed. Maybe part of God's plan is to have war be our own undoing, but bin Laden has no more access to that plan than anyone. The best this guy can hope for now is to be a martyr for his twisted cause.

Things are indeed getting back to normal. Last night I had this overwhelming urge to hear Belle and Sebastian. Now playing: the transcendent, organ-driven "Don't Leave the Light on Baby" from Fold Your Hands, Child You Walk Like a Peasant. Ahhh...And I was delighted to find out that Restless Records has plans to release remastered versions of all (or some?) of the classic Replacements albums. Yippee.

If anyone's keeping track, I dyed my hair back to brown. It was fun having neon-pink hair stripes for a while, but now I'm happy to look like the unassuming Jersey girl I truly am.

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