newest entry 2001-07-28 10:15 a.m.

What did we do, collectively, to deserve such great weather these past couple of weekends?

Planet of the Apes will have to wait til tomorrow.

Went to a birthday party last night for a good friend of mine, thrown at the house of his friend who was also celebratin'. On the way to the party I mentioned to Avenging Monkey Angel, "I hope it's not one of those parties where the lights are on really bright, and everyone's sitting around making stilted conversation." As we turned the corner onto the block where the party was, a second-floor window glowed in the night like a veritable beacon of brightly-lit party badness. "Uh-oh."

The party was OK--the usual key people were there to make things interesting and fun, and A.M.A. and I always have a fun time together no matter where we are...but there was a pervading sense of uptightness that could have been melted a little by better lighting....

One of the revelers there had just finished working on a Laurie Anderson video, so we watched that. . It was well-done...although you have to wonder if Laurie Anderson really still believes the world is a soulless, overly-mechanized quirky hell from which there is no escape? Both she and Lou Reed have really turned their bad qualities (affectless vocals especially) into trademarks! Admirable.

Alright, then, off to start my glorious day.

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