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Ya Damn Dirty Ape!

Had occasion to watch the original Planet of the Apes, and it astounds me how superior the original is to this summer's remake. Maybe the makeup isn't as sophisticated (still, it wasn't bad), but the story of the original is complicated, philosophical, not without surprises. We explore the tricky relationship between science and religion, progress and culture, discontent and faith...the frustration of the outsider as he tries to assert his independence and worth to the high priests of a self-centered and myopic culture...the limits of science and the pioneering spirit--the pain of knowing the truth. I like how the film subtly hints that Taylor's need to know and prove the truth is a mutation of the same arrogance and greed that wiped out his ancestors.

OK, I can't explain how Taylor came up with shaving cream out by the archeological diggings, but that's nit-picking, eh? Oooot!

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