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Another thought about George: remember when Mother Theresa died a short while after Princess Di? some speculated that this is exactly what she wanted: to die when her death would not be a big deal. I have a feeling that George held out til after 9/11, when the death of one man would no longer be considered such a tragic event.

A lovely li'l day. After Bikram I joined Monkey and Monkey-in-Law in the city for Noises off, a funny romp. Romp romp romp. We had amazing seats, front and center, and it's an intimate production to begin with, so Peter Gallagher (looking like Benicio Del Toro and in posession of a credible British accent) and Patti Lupone were right up in our faces, sweating, spitting. PL sang a little ditty at the end to encourage us to contribute to the AIDS buckets on the way out.

We dined at the ever-comforting Chat-n-Chew and now we're about to watch What Lies Beneath. Today was a satrisfyin' day.

You know you want to be a Secret Santa!

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