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The fellow on one leg that you see here is Nataraj, the Lord of the Dance. He represents the ever-changing nature of the universe. Today I taught Natarajasana in class, one of my favorite postures cuz it's difficult in a way that doesn't require physical strength but rather poise.

Our marriage is still young, so we are still creating rituals that we hope will stick. Some emerge effortlessly, like our weekly thang of buying a different brand of cereal, trying never to repeat. We are excited by cereal--how can you not be? It's the first bite o'life every day. This week is Lucky Charms.

And some rituals take effort. For awhile we tried to cook dinner every Thursday (our only mutual night off), but that fell by the wayside because everyone's band plays on Thursday, or their play opens, or they have a damn birthday. Sometimes those dinners are hard for me. I run out of things to talk about, and I wonder, "Is that normal?" I have plenty of things to talk about at 2:00 AM when AMA is trying to sleep, but at the table I clam up.

Last night we cancelled all plans and stayed home to watch The Luzhin Defense. I enjoyed the film, and always appreciate John Turturro's slow-motion twitchiness. I thought the villain was a little overly-villainous for the purposes of the story. I liked how the chess genius Luzhin was not played as charmingly wacky--he had his bright moments, but just as often acted fairly unpleasantly. I liked that the fiancee's parents didn't magically warm up to him, even towards the end. And I thought the kid who played the young Luzhin was just right--kinda slack-jawed but bright-eyed when he was nailing an opponent. I wonder how many people took up chess for a few days after seeing the movie...

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