newest entry 2001-10-15 10:33 p.m.

Saw Union Square park for the first time, sans memorial. It looks so empty now. I had loved all the flowers and candles and up-all-night radiance, and the graffiti'd George Washington statue. I realize that NYC has been photographed obsessively these past several weeks, but I still feel some regret that I didn't take any pictures, at least of the memorials.

After months of bupkus, I am a veritable job magnet all of a sudden. I have three interviews tentatively lined up, and have started hearing back from some companies I'd sent resumes to (mostly the non-profits from Hallelujah!

My grandfather wrote a musical called Win You Over, about a bomb that goes off that causes everyone to love one another. He sent a copy of it to President Reagan, not for political reasons, but because Reagan had been an actor and he thought he might still have some connections in Hollywood.

Now playin': Mercury Rev's "Nite and Fog" from All is Dream, which is causing me to have an out of body experience.

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