newest entry 2001-11-05 11:50 p.m.

So that company I interviewed at, where I gave a little demo class last week (2 weeks ago mebbe?)...I called them today and they said they hadn't made any decisions, and they were still interviewing. Still interviewing--harrumph!

I need to put some more energy into the job search...or the whatever search. I'd really like to write another book. I have some ideas, and I'll write up proposals when I have time again. I have another album's worth of songs I want to record, too.

All that Bikram yoga...I feel so good. I feel strong and lithe and light and quick and clear-headed. It's a stretch (ho-ho!) to call it "yoga" because there's nothing about it that makes me feel close to God, and yet, like running and working out, it is a gift from God, cuz it makes me more productive, focused and chip-chip-chipper.

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