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Lady of Ships

And you, Lady of Ships! you Mannahatta!  

Old matron of this proud, friendly, turbulent city!

Often in peace and wealth you were pensive, or covertly frown’d amid all your children;  

But now you smile with joy, exulting old Mannahatta!

--Walt Whitman, "Drum-taps"

In my nightly ritual of watching bad syndicated television at 11:00 (switching compulsively between Channels 5, 11, 13), the other night I caught the tail-end of the "Tell us at Ten" segment of the Channel 11 news. They were chuckling about whether city officials should have warned us that, in October, we were under threat of nuclear attack.

"Huh??!" I sez.

Monkey J. Monkerton sez, "Oh, yeah. I just read about that."

Intrigued to say that damn least, I hopped upon my browser the next day and tried to find articles or news stories relating to this...and came up empty. Not even Salon! Weird...Maybe it was all a crazy dream.

This article by Alistair Shearer (an excerpt from a translation of Patanjali's yoga sutras) is one of the most concise and quietly inspiring pieces I've read in awhile.

"Flag on the moon...How'd it get there?

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