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what's on your mind?

What is on your mind? What thoughts are swirling around that cute cerebral cortex of yours? How are your thoughts building your future? Your thoughts create neural grooves, and those grooves create your reality (and realty!) so you need to build some new pathways in your mind every one in a while.

One of the questions they axed me yesterday during my three interviews was, "What do you want to do?" I tried to be honest, but if I was being completely honest I'd say: I want to do everything. I don't want a full-time job. I want to be useful, and I want to have fun. I want to write, sing, make albums, write books, research, learn more about computers, counsel people, teach yoga, write articles, learn about anatomy, learn how to pray, teach people how to pray. I want to be a rock star. Etc.

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