newest entry 2001-07-22 6:44 p.m.

This is my first public diary entry, so I ought to introduce myself.

My name is Aquaplane (not really), and I live in Brooklyn (really), in an unfashionable but affordable neighborhood several stops out on the N/R line. I am just geeky enough to have an online diary, but smart enough to feel embarrassed by this. I have a feeling it will be an outlet for me when other art forms leave me feeling restless and stuck. After all, it's a place to share my life, thoughts, feelin's, but in an edited hypertext format.

I promise to keep it truthful but not too revealing.

Some themes I'll be exploring: "my attempts at making memorable music"; "advaita vedanta" (non-duality); "my fledgling career in yoga instruction"; "my other fledgling career as a writer"; "my personal yoga practice"; "the ups and downs of my first year of marriage"; "coping with hearing loss" ;"indie pop cultcha" and "mourning the D and B trains" who meet their untimely demise today.

Now playin': Life in a Blender TWO LEGS BAD (brilliant, but not nearly as wallop-packing as their live show)

Now readin': Nothing of any note. I'm between novels and just reading random yoga books. I just took Nicholson Baker's DOUBLE FOLD out of the library, but can't seem to open it...

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