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Enchanted Walking

Today's meditation workshop will be about chanting and walking meditation. The chant we'll be using is the healing chant "Om Tryambakam", which is intoned 108 times for peace and healing:

Om Try-am-ba-kam ya-ja-ma-he
Sugandhim push-ti-var-dha-nam
Urvaa-ruka-miva bandha-nat
Mrit-yor-mok-shee-ya maam-ri-tat

Meaning: I worship the three eyed lord Shiva, who is fragrant and who nourishes everybody with health and vitality. May he liberate me from the bondage of Death and lead me to knowledge of immortality: Just like a pumpkin is severed from it's bondage from the vine.

Walking meditation is just extremely slow and purposeful walking, with the awareness on each increment of movement. We watch as the mind pulls away, observe where it goes, and gently reel it back in again.

Walking meditation allows us to observe the four elements:

Fire (lifting heel)
Air (moving foot)
Water (dropping foot)
Earth (pressing down)

Walking meditation also allows us to observe both will/intention (the walking and moving) and spontaneous thought/awareness.

I'm not sure if I'll even have any students today, as two of the workshop attendees said they'd be out of town on business, and one was a no-show last week. But you readers at home can try the techniques and see if ya like 'em!


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