newest entry 2002-03-13 9:47 a.m.

Beams o' light report: last night I was walking in Windsor Terrace (Brooklyn) and saw them shining. In and of itself it's not much to look at, but when you know what and who it represents it is quite moving.

I went on two job interviews yesterday, a study in contrasts. One was for a New York City civil service job (a communications job in the retirement dept.) in downtown Brooklyn. The next was a catalog copywriting job for a self-help seminar center in a posh 'hood in Manhattan.

One potential employer was upbeat, idealistic-- a glowing ember of exuberance and positivity with a really nice office who said, "I love my job!" The other potential employer was a cynical, sneering guy with clear contempt for his clientele and vendors. Can you guess which was which? Not whatcha'd think.

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