newest entry 2001-11-15 3:30 p.m.

They don't carry the Times in Sunset Park, and I don't like reading it online, so I end up reading the Post a lot more than I'd like. The upside of this is that I'm very much in tune with cycles of department store sales in New York.

Today I had this irrational, perhaps nostalgic desire to hit Macy's "biggest one-day sale of the year," even though I don't really have any money. I thought maybe I'd find some outrageous bargain. So I went to the post-apocalyptic Macy's at Fulton Mall after my Bikram class.

It was a zoo, I had to leave.

I guess that wasn't an interesting story, but it's what I did today instead of looking for a job.

Actually, today is my designated "music day". I have a rehearsal later and after I get off the computer I'm going to sit down at the piano and practice my vocals, which are rusty as all hell.

Oh, yeah, and there's a cover story on this week's New York magazine about yoga, and if you are wise you'll avoid it. Like many cover stories ostensibly about yoga these days, it's not really about yoga but about socialites and their head games.

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