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I have passed the Veg City Diner on 14th Street a million times since it first opened (about 10 months ago), but never went in. Today I had lunch there and it was nice. Everything's vegetarian or vegan, and they take great pains to make the food diner-like, replete with silly veg-substitute names like "Phoney Island Corn Dog." All the waiters look like soundmen at Brownies.

I am tired and cranky and need a nap. I just ate two chocolate covered donuts because I confuse tiredness with "need for donuts."

Merry from my yoga center called me today and left a message scolding me (albeit lightly) for coming to the center yesterday to pick up my pay when no one else was there. I am confounded, because I have done this a dozen times. We get paid on Monday, and sometimes I can't wait til my class on Tuesday to pick up my pay. Also, I am alone at the yoga center three times a week, before and after my classes. I don't understand this policy, and I also don't understand why she pulls out these policies every few weeks, and springs them on us as if they were in place all along. She is capricious, which isn't a great quality in a leader.

This is not a big deal, but like I said, I am tired and cranky. And need a nap.

Although I like to complain about Yoga Journal, they do offer a service that is really well done: their e-mail newsletter. It's informative as all hell. Save the 'zine for bus rides, subscribe to the letter.

All I need right now is a cassette copy of ChangesOneBowie...and yet I can't find anything remotely like a David Bowie Greatest Hits on sale, anywhere. Not even on the web. Weird! Must...try...harder...must...zzzz....

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