newest entry 2001-09-03 11:50 a.m.

The party turned out well--not quite a barbecue, but the presence of food and grilled meat gave it an added depth and tribal tone. Met some new people, enjoyed the oldsters. Gave my copy of Virginia Woolf's writing journal (just diary entries pertaining to her work) to a woman who's writing a dissertation about self-reflection in art. Saw one of my bridesmaids, Lilith, for the first time in ages and as I watched her look at our wedding photo's, I got to see them anew through her eyes.

I ate nothing and drank beer all night, but somehow it was all OK. I felt scattered, never really able to stay for a whole conversation, but happy. In one drunken moment of unguardedness, I watched as someone left the party (not even someone I know--a guest of a friend) and thought, "No! Don't go!" Desire: it keeps you hanging on to moments...

This morning I got a chance to breathe the past out of my body and mind, cuz I subbed a class (very nice class, and the sun streamed through the windows, all golden). The True Self always lives in the present, so when we keep our attention on the present, we honor that Spirit and keep it operating in our lives.

Oh, and I dyed a strip of my hair pink. Today a strip, tomorrow the whole head. Tomorrow-ish. Maybe next year.

Happy Labor Day--I love holidays with an actual history, purpose and focus. Thank to the men and women who took great risks to make the work week liveable.

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