newest entry 2001-08-31 1:27 p.m.

It's Labor day weekend, which means--calendars be damned--summer's just about over, borne away by sleeveless arms. I didn't go swimming at all this summer, and I was always just a little too lumpy to wear shorts with any enthusiasm, but on the plus side I read a lot of great fiction, I wrote a lot, and I got through summer w/o buying an air conditioner...I had my moments of clarty. (This isnt one of them--I am dead tired and incoherent).

AMA and I will have a big party on Sunday night to usher out this sticky season, and await the leafmeal underfoot.

Now playing: Diane Izzo, One. A comfy little record, intimate even when it spins out out out. Reminds me of Thalia Zedek's quieter moments.

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