newest entry 2001-09-05 7:04 p.m.

I went on a job interview today, after teaching a 6:00 AM class. The combustible combination of interfacing with actual humans in corporate world plus sleep deprivation and high-heel-pump foot torture has reduced me to a mindless, drooling couch-sloucher tonight.

I am excited to be considering new career paths...but also the reality of not teaching full-time hasn't sunk in.

One of the most transcendent experiences of my life was becoming certified to teach. At the ceremony, I felt like I was glowing. We were told to be good yogis, and that would make us good steep ourselves in the lifestyle and philosophy so no matter what we said or did it reflected our inner peace.

I feel like I am doing the right thing--lessening my teaching schedule and working a normal job so I can meet my commitments to my landlord and my husband...but part of me feels like I am turning away from something. I need to really be regular in my practice for the next few months--maybe a more regular routine will actually enhance my practice and spiritual progress.

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