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Mercury Rev's new one is a cinematic lulls and thrills.

Went to my nephew's first birthday today out in Jersey. Family parties are a dicey thing for me--they can be fun (cuz my family is lively and witty) or they can be heck (cuz we also tend towards sarcasm, self-absorption and thin skin). Today was ideal--every member of my family seemed lit from within, in a good humor, and I felt very proud of my wonderful sibs and my dad and my aunt. I'll have to go into more depth some other day. Time for bed soon...

Tomorrow night my brother-in-law is going to guest-star on an episode of 100 Centre Street.

While doing laundry tonight, I read the paper. Two things stood out: the irresponsible and cynical piece in the NY Times (although it read like a piece from the Post) about yogis and spiritual leaders who are "cashing in on the WTC tragedy". (Not worth linking to). If this so-called reporter had done five minutes of research, he would have also discovered the dozens of yoga centers in NYC alone who have offered free classes since the tragedy, and the 100s of massage therapists, reiki practitioners, social workers, shrinks, clergy and energy healers who have given away services and time and love to rescue workers and victims' families.

The other thing, some goofy comic strip featured a panel that could be this diary's motto...."I think about me to cover for all of those who should be thinking about others, but dropped the ball by not including me!"

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