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It is well and truly fall. Blustery winds that suggest winter, leafmeal all about, and chimney smoke riding the drifts. Ahhh...

My class on Friday mornings is usually quite jolly and today was no exception. Merry (studio owner) was there with her beautiful black lab, and then Sondra the manager came in to do some work and we were all ebullient and jokey, which got my stagnant energy moving.

Merry told me that the kind of class I teach (which is meditative rather than really focussed on asana practice) is an important part of the center, and that I should never feel bad about not being an expert at teaching the advanced postures. That was so good to hear, and I was able to absorb her enthusiasm and kindness without letting it curdle into embarassment.

And my students were in high spirits, too. I closed class today with some "metta" meditation (Buddhist lovingkindness practice, which is the focus of the workshop I'm giving tomorrow), which got me all choked up.

After class JoyBoy walked me to the subway and now I'm here, ready to start another writing marathon session.

Tonight MonkeyAngel is taking me out on a date! Dinner somewhere in Bay Ridge and then to our local watering hole to hear our friends play.

Will you kiss me on the mouth
With your actual mouth
Spread the germs of love from north to south?
Mash your lips
Against mine
Til our lips have lisps?
I would appreciate this
Your Frango-flavored kiss

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