newest entry 2001-12-19 12:26 a.m.

It never fails to clear my head to read a little bit of distilled Christian Science wisdom, which is why I've got this page bookmarked. A less sentimental, more open-hearted bunch of folks you've never met.

To complement my dad's Christian Science beliefs, I'm giving him a Krishnamurti CD (his request) and a Ramana Maharshi book for Christmas. My dad can be frustrating to deal with, but he is the one person in my family that I can talk to about yoga and faith and stuff.

Incidentally, the fact that I called him a narcissist a few weeks back does nothing to erase my vast love and appreciation for him. He's gone past most of the bad character traits now.

Today was...good.

If you have any opinions about the Jonathan Franzen/Oprah hurly-burly, this great piece by Franzen fleshes things out a bit.

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