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We watched Following last night, the first feature film by the director of my favorite movie of 2001. It is a clever story--brief, only about an hour--told mostly out-of-sequence. Unlike my favorite movie of 2001, however, the DVD of Following contains a chronological track where you can see the action from start to finish. Amazin' flick.

In job news: surprise, surprise, I didn't get the job at the health care company. It was between me and one other person, and the woman who was in charge of hiring said she "loved us both." But I think they went with the person who seemed less itchy to only work part-time. I hope that's what it was, anyway.

She did mention that she may be able to hire me for special projects and whatnot, and that's cool. So that makes three jobs in one four month period where I was very close to getting hired, was called back for a second interview and got good references from my former employers, but didn't get hired...and then told "but we loved you and would like to hire you from time to time as a freelancer." A pattern! A clue!

Interestingly, though, the first place where they told me they'd like to hire me as a freelancer never took me up on that even after I followed through, so maybe that's just the corporate way of saying, "I'll call you some time!" Or maybe I just need to continue reminding them that I'm here.

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