newest entry 2002-03-31 10:03 a.m.

"For God So loved the world..."

-- John 3:16

Happy Easter, happy re-birth, whatever your religion expresses itself as.

The George Harrison tribute at Freddy's last night, set up by "Fred C Dobbs," was a rollickin' good time. Some excellent performances, including Hub Moore, Love Bucket (and their off-shoot, Axes of Evil), Fruitbasket (featuring Rita from the Humphries), Bubble, Tracy Bonham, The Crowd Scene, Rebecca Turner, Jules Verdone, and, as they say, "many, many more."

As with all Freddy's tribute evenings, there was a palpable feeling of fun and love and giddiness in the air. Monkey and I drank vodka tonics like it was goin' out of style.

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