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Drizzly Sunday

"If everyone who died with unpunished sins on his conscience came back as a ghost, the living would be crowded out of every home in England."

"You're cynical. I thought you would be. Can you sneer?"

"With terrifying effect."

"Oh, do it please! I want to see it!"

"I'm afraid you're much too young to withstand it. I should be accused of stunting your growth--perhaps even sending you into decline."

"I wouldn't go into decline--I'm robust. My governess says so."

The above is from Kate Ross's Cut to the Quick which AMA finally got a hold of on Friday. Joy! The first Julian Kestrel mystery. I've been laying about reading it all afternoon.

Earlier today AMA and I went in for our final brunch with the out-o-towners. We had a delightful meal at Chelsea Market, consisting of cappucino from Buon Italia and various breakfast-y items from Amy's Bread. Then we saw Thomas in Love, the new film from Pierre-Paul Renders. Amusing--some very plausible concepts about life in the near future, mostly in the houseware and hairstyle departments. As for love and agoraphobia--those stay just about as aggravating as they are today. A life in front of the computer with no human contact....why does that sound so tasty to me just now...?

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