newest entry 2001-08-04 11:17 a.m.

Played my little mini-gig at the local watering hole last night, and I think it went well. This has left me inspired to play out some more.

Took our temp dog (we're dog-siiting this week) to the dog run this morning , where she refused to play with the other dogs. She wouldn't fetch or run, she just wanted to lie down under the picnic table. A.M.A. said, "She's not a real dog..." but I felt for her. She's shy and sensitive. As the other dogs ran over to greet her in their aggressive, playful and low-rent way, she kept looking up at me with pleading eyes, "Don't make me do this! Take me home!"

Took a yoga class at a place in Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst that I'm interested in working at. Teacher/owner made good hands-on coorections, but the class was a little lacking--no forward bends at all, a certain gym-like vibe, tinkly new age music in the background. Still it's always nice to experience new teachers and classes.

I'm on a mission now to mop and clean. This spirit strikes so infrequently that I ought to seize it. Bye. (Will put linx n pictures in later)

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