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Woke up today at 8:00 AM with a strange sensation inside--calm but alert, and knowing that something big and strange was going to happen. I turned to AMA and sang, "Today is different. Today is not the same..."

About an hour later I learned about the WTC attack--AMA's dad called to see if we were OK. Fortunately, AMA had planned on going into work much later than usual today, as the piano tuner was coming (hey, we're poor but genteel), so he didn't get stuck on a subway or go anywhere near Manhattan this morning.

We watched the towers collapse on TV, like watching our parents being gunned down...Unthinkable. Senses alert, tuned in to minute details: 8:45 first attack, 9:02 second attack...When do we ever need to know such precise moments of time except when tragedies are occurring?

Our friends in Brooklyn Heights are being snowed with debris and soot from across the water...

And the piano tuner did in fact come.

We've got the TV on in the living room tuned to the only NYC station that is still running, and we've got Boris the piano tuner in the basement striking his dissonant chords as if to comment on the tragedy in a purely musical way.

Merry from my yoga center cancelled her class and just sat with people in silent meditation. I'm scheduled to teach later. I plan on doing the same thing, unless people really feel like they need to move and get their grief and anger and shock out of their bodies.

Looking for a simple explanation of problems in the Middle East? Look no further than this freakazoid Christian end-times monitor.

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