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I just finished Like a Hole in the Head. I'm impressed--it was very good. A simple tongue-in-cheek "hard-boiled" thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously and still manages to make some tart li'l points about the film industry, L.A., slackers, existential guilt, death and literature.

I hung out with Miss Cookie and the CookieBoy today. We went to the baby doctor, and I got to stroll him down Amsterdam Ave. in his carriage. I was a nervous wreck. What a loud, scary city this is when you're carting around a tiny fragile bug-eyed alien.

I'm still on the fence about motherhood. Just getting the baby in and out of his little plush jumpsuit thingie was hard work--would I have the patience for this?

It was good to talk to Cookie--she was in a more supportive mood than usual. I think her hormones have leveled off and she's less nutty than she's been in a long while. We discussed the family: the eternal problem of what is going to happen to our schizophrenic older sister, and about the puzzlement of our 15-year-old niece who everyone agrees is rather a pill. She's mean to everyone, but not in a targeted, life-affirming, riot-grrl kind of way. Just bratty and smug.

We talked about our marriages, our problems with our art...It was good...I feel as sad as ever, though....which you can surmise by the dot dot

If I don't get my shit together, I will cause my marriage to blow up. This fact has been spelled out for me recently. And this theme is being mirrored by another couple we know who are breaking up...

Watched the Daytrippers tonight, a small, perfect film. I was surprised, though, that the ending is so different than what I remember seeing in the theater. Is it possible that the ending has changed since being released on DVD? Am I crazy?

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