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Could barely get up ths morning--tired, cranky and in pain (ovaries acting up). I was dreading class today, cuz I felt like I couldn't teach anything worthwhile.

Before people got there, I did some Surya Namskar and then sat down and did Kapalabhatiand Nadi Sudhi breathing. Finally, I just sat in meditation. There was some vedic music on the stereo, so I just listened, and I asked, "What do these folks need from me today ?"

The answer came as "they need to listen to this music, and then they need to hear their own internal music."

So that's how I started class: just listening to this rollicking, celestial sitar and vocal music, then meditating on the inner song. Tasty.

And the rest of the class proceeded from there. No new beginners, so I snuck in some more intermediate stuff. It felt good.

Next, I went uptown to interview a yoga teacher who works exclusively with kids, and who wrote a book about it. (This is research for my latest book proposal). She forgot I was coming, didn't remember why I was there, but was pretty gracious and welcoming nonetheless. We chatted for about ten minutes, and she showed me around the intensely cute and vibrant studio where she teaches. It was like an explosion in a crayon factory--colors everywhere.

She is sweet, open-faced, caring. Just exactly the kind of woman who would devote her life to kids. She didn't have any particular insights for me, but I did mention that I wanted to interview some teenage yogis for the "quotes" part of the book, and she said I could defintely come by one of her classes for older kids some time.

Had a veritable coup at the library today:

  • Ann the Word by Richard Francis, a bio (with a gorgeous cover) of the founder of the Shakers
  • Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones, by Dee Dee Ramone (also with a gorgeous silver-metallic cover)
  • Jack Maggs by Peter Carey

    Monkey's company is taking spouses off medical benefits as of Jan 1. So my one little "I'm a wife" perk has fizzled. No more couples therapy, I guess, either. OK, I'm up for whatever's next. I really am!

    The mind is always seeking zones of safety, and these zones of safety are continually falling apart. Then we scramble to get another zone of safety back together again. We spend all our energy and waste our lives trying to re-create these zones of safety, which are always falling apart.

    --Pema Chodron, from Wisdom of No Escape

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