newest entry 2002-03-28 7:04 p.m.

To prepare for my writing gig next week, I've been reading books and articles about P.R. writing and publicity. It seems like a profession that could be anywhere from kind-hearted and useful to kinda gross. Let's hope I can stay on the Jersey side of kindhearted.

Meanwhile, I have this very exciting idea for a non-profit newsletter. Details as they unfold--it'll be online as well as on paper.

Don't axe me why, but I've been listening to Key Lime Pie by CVB today. I hated this record when it came out, cursing it as a very weak follow up to my beloved Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart. I was young then, and impatient. Times like this make me wonder how many other decent records I've 86'd which I now might actually enjoy.

We're dogsittin' for our usual little dog-sitting dog. I love this scruffy underdoggish mutt. Monkey quipped, "Well, she hasn't learned how not to smell bad yet, has she?"

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