newest entry 2002-03-20 5:53 p.m.

Yucky day, cold rain with no end in sight. At least it'll help mitigate the drought situation.

Today was not so productive. I did some job-hunting activities in the morning, and then took a Bikram class on the Upper West Side on my way to visit Cookie and her burgeoning family. It was sweet: I feel really comfortable holding CookieBoy, and that's pretty much all I did all afternoon.

I started reading a mystery written by the wife of one of my favorite writers. It's a fun book. I wouldn't say that it's distinctive, but you can tell that the author is very intelligent. It takes place, partly, amongst Hasidim and who doesn't love reading about them?

In other news, I am placing an ad in a local paper for a guitarist. I am feeling so musically frustrated, and I believe that looking for a new guitarist may relieve some of this depression and ennui. Maybe, hopefully!

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