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This week is all about preparing for our first real Thanksgiving dinner and rehearsing for the benefit on Saturday night.

Last year we spent Thanksgiving at a Chinese buffet in Charlottesville, VA, and the rest of that weekend at my ashram, doing hatha and reading Sparkle Hayter novels.

I ate lunch today with the now-waddling pregnant Miss Cookie at Dojo. Afterwards, I picked up a FDNY cap-sleeve t-shirt to wear on Saturday, and then we hightailed it to our favorite store so I could buy a cheap tablecloth and she an air mattress for out of town guests.

We talked about our struggles to find work that doesn't cut into our creative time. Of course, that's a luxury thought for me these days--I will take almost any job at this point, but it is so tough to find anything. I am not officially qualified for any job except grunt work, even though I know I'm capable of doing all kinds of stuff. It's hard to inspire people to get over the patchy resume and focus on my abilities and references, etc. Maybe I should re-do my resume to focus more on my strengths rather than just my history.

We talked about our writing--she's fond of the Zoetrope website, although she slightly regrets telling our older brother about it, as he submitted a short story that got all these fantastic reviews, before she even got a chance to submit anything. We gots some rivalry goin' on in our family. (I've learned enough to project my insecurity onto people outside the family).

And of course we talked about the baby. I can't believe she's going to have one. I am really excited.

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