newest entry 2001-08-16

In my new-found interest in Regency England, I've discovered a neat musical duo called Kendal's Black Drop--Miss Eleanor Stokes, Mr. James Chandler--who perform "genteel entertainments" (Georgian folk music and some court music) around the NYC area, and who bill themselves as sleuths in their spare time. Very amusing. But what's cool about them is that they are not genteel, they look quite down-at-heel, as if they have fallen from gentility and now must perform and solve mysteries to stay afloat. I'm looking for a website to link to, but I can't find anything yet.

Remind me to tell you the funny story about winning the lyric contest. Right now, I'm rushing out to see the White Stripes and the Mooney Suzukiput on a free show at Pier 54.

What's your guess? Will I be:

On time
Won't show up at all

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